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Warum Naturstein

Nature is where we come from; nature is the origin of our energy and wisdom; nature meets our need, and challenges us on what we can.


In the age of survival, nature gave us food and shelter. In the age of prosperous, nature accelerates our growth with resources. In the age of transition and innovation, nature provides us not only security, but also the solutions to economic and social progress.

Nature is the most reliable resource of our existence and development.

We help
creating projects that last.

After 20 years of hand-on experience in natural stone, we have a unique selection of stones to serve different purposes of projects. Through face to face interaction with people in quarries, factories or trading agencies, we pick out only the reliable suppliers.​


With the right stones and suppliers, we help our clients creating projects that last. By offering sustainable solutions to building, as well as landscape and garden projects, we bring nature closer to life, and bring our future further.

We do it the personal way.

We work with natural stones in a personal way.

A personal way is also the most natural way. The essential inter-people manners we learned from childhood remain unchanged since stone age up to today: given a smile, we give one back; people speak, we listen; a friend has need, we help; a partner in trouble, you care.

Doing business is, after all, dealing with people. We know stone, and we care about our clients. We do business in a personal way, because our business is not only about making money, but also about who we are.




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